Last week Mark Ellsworth introduced us to new member Molly Delaney.   Molly recently joined Nebraska Public Media as the Chief Strategy Officer.  She is an Illinois native and graduate of the University of Illinois.  She holds an EdM in Education.
Molly has had a 20-year career in education mingled with 12 years in public media and has been a member of 3 different Rotary clubs. 
Molly Delaney’s Bio Bullet Points.  She is the mother of 3 adult daughters, Ellie (27, grad student at Notre Dame), Nora (25, animation student at Kansas City Art Institute), Kate (21, senior at Knox College)
In her free time, Molly can make a pie crust in less than 3 minutes and enjoys traveling the state of Nebraska for work and fun. She plans to visit all 93 counties in the next 3 years. 
Welcome, Molly!