Last week Warren Whitted III introduced us to new member Andrew Galardi.   Andrew is a financial advisor with Renaissance Financial. He was born and raised in Papillion, Nebraska. He currently lives in West Omaha and graduated from UNO in May of 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and triple concentration in Business Finance, Banking and Financial Markets, and Investment Science and Portfolio Management.
Andrew grew up with 3 siblings and a zoo of animals. Some of his favorite childhood pets were bearded dragons, homing pigeons, chickens, and horses. He enjoys a few hobbies such as pickleball and golf. He is also a casual gym goer (emphasis on casual). During the summer of 2022 you could find Andrew at Golf League at Tregaron Golf Course in Bellevue, Young Adult Alpha at St. Columbkille, or the Pickleball courts at Prairie Lane.
Andrew finds most of his enjoyment spending time learning about others. He loves to drink coffee and talk about everything from weekend plans to music to comedy. Don’t be a stranger, he loves to get to know new people. He is a Goal Buddy at Field Club Elementary with Partnership 4 Kids this school year, mentoring and working with the 5th graders there.
Andrew joined Rotary because he loves Omaha and wants to help build the community around him. \ He is excited to serve on club committees, work on volunteer projects, and find other young professionals to join the club!  Welcome, Andrew!