Presiding Officer: Nuzhat Mahmood
Secretary: Matt McKeever
Chair of the Day: Dwayne Brown
Invocator: Lori Benton
Cashiers: Tim Neal
Sgt. at Arms: Gail Veitzer
Greeter: Matt Moletierre
Speaker: James Hanni             

James R. Hanni
Retired Vice President
Kansas Region and Public Affairs

Topic: Gettysburg and its Place in American Democracy               
Disagreement now permeates American public life, with citizens telling pollsters that political conflict is becoming a significant source of stress in their personal lives.  Our speaker, James Hanni, a member of the Gettysburg Foundation Board of Directors who lives in neighboring Kansas, will be here to share how Gettysburg is more than just a battlefield today, and what Gettysburg Foundation is doing to address this vexing topic of  incivility and eroding civil discourse in our society.  Why Gettysburg?  Is there commonality between Gettysburg's lessons and the Rotary motto? During his talk, James will illustrate the practical lessons we can all learn from America's epic battle, as well as from Presidents Lincoln and Eisenhower while demonstrating what recalling history might do to help us heal our political and personal divisions today.   
Bio: James R. Hanni (pronounced Hay-nee), is the retired Vice President of Public Affairs of AAA CLUB Alliance, Inc. an affiliate club of the American Automobile Association, the largest non-religious membership organization in North America, serving 57 million members in the United States and Canada.  As a point of reference, his role with AAA in Kansas was similar to that of Rose White of AAA Nebraska here in Omaha, with whom you all may be familiar.
He is a Topeka native, graduate of Washburn University of Topeka, 1974 and the Prochnow (pronounced Prock-now) Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin, 1983. 
He has been active in the AAA federation, a member of the Kansas Governor’s Council on Travel and Tourism and served as co-chair of KDOT’s Executive Safety Council.  He was awarded the 2009 Kansas DOT People Saving People Award for work on upgrading Kansas’ teen driver licensing system and in March, 2011, was presented the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Public Service Award for his work on passage of a primary enforcement seat belt law in Kansas.  In 2017 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from KDOT and the Dr. Cooley Award for Excellence from SafeKids Kansas.
He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Gettysburg Foundation, where he serves as Chairman of the Board’s membership committee.  He is a past campaign chairman of the Greater Topeka United Way, as well as past chairman of the American Heart Association, Kansas affiliate.
He and his partner, Vicky, live in Lawrence and he has one grown son, Brian, a sportscaster, and the “Voice of the Kansas Jayhawks.”