Posted on May 12, 2017
  DEVIN HOLMON                                      MILETH FUERTES-NARCISO

Skinner Skyhawk Awards

Congratulations to Devin Holmon and Mileth Fuertes-Narciso, both are 5th grade students at the Skinner Magnet Center Elementary School. The students have excelled in their schoolwork, taken advantage of educational opportunities offered at Skinner, and have been positive role models for others at school. The student's parents and other family members joined Rotarians as these outstanding 5th graders were recognized for their achievements. Principal, Mrs. Tarina-Cox, spoke about the students as well as Skinner Magnet Center updates. Librarian, Bobbie Martinie, attended the program and was thanked for her assistance in the club's Rotary Readers project at the school.